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"Novus" Shines on Kid’s Future--charity program successfully kicked off

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Although the weather in Guangzhou is getting chilly in December, a warm breeze from hearts of a group of people constantly blows. Led and organized by Guangzhou OED Technologies Inc. with abundant participants including the World Scout Foundation, Guangdong Eye Care Association, Guangzhou Charity Association, more than 20 media agencies and many volunteers ,"Novus" charity program was kicked off under the witness of provincial and local government officials.

President Xi of China stated in his "2015 Poverty Reduction and Development Conference": Education is the priority in reducing poverty. The top mission is to ensure all kids in poor regions get adequate education so that they are well equipped to end poverty that lingered for many generations." Removing education obstacles for poor kids is no doubt the sure way to advance China into a moderately prosperous society.

Dr. Yu Chen, the initiator of "Novus" charity program is currently the Chairman of Guangzhou OED Technologies Inc., conveyed a warm message to all participants and media: Originated from the concept of Innovation, Green, Reading, Health, and Support to the poor, OED shall donate e-readers to the needed group of kinds in both rural and urban areas. OED utilized its own intellectual properties on epaper display technologies and installed a series of selected books as companions beneficial to the growth and education of kids. This charity program aims to "Eliminate poverty through education; Transform future by technology". Hence the "Novus Alliance" was established with enthusiastic participation of fore-mentioned institutes. It was hoped to give away e-readers to each needed kid lives in Guangdong province in 3 years, further expand to the entire country in 5 years and ultimately to the World in 7 years. Kids who received this powerful e-reader may enjoy an abundance of educational materials by interacting with e-reader's software that is upgradable to newer version anytime later. Meanwhile, kid's learning progress can be tracked as he or she grows up. This program serves as a supporting arm to the nation's project in enhancing education resources in poor regions.

A research by Beijing Normal University and China Development Foundation ("Status and Solutions to China's Poor Children") indicates 16.7% (estimated total about 40 million) of the children are living below poverty line in China up to date. Among them, nearly 11 million kids live under severe conditions. These kids are lack of sound education and are likely to stay in the poor situation with their next generations. It is the mission of the "Novus" program, by modern technologies, to support these kids to get equal opportunities on educational resources.

In the commencement, OED donated first 1,000 e-readers to the needed children in Guangdong Province. Each e-reader, branded "Knowledge Valley" is pre-installed with over 1,000 ebooks covering classics and all sorts of learning materials. During the kick off, OED also demonstrated two major functions as add-ons in the future: "Novus Book Store" and "Echo Corner". In addition to accessing tremendous amount of books, magazine, and latest information, kids can share knowledge they've learned, and their own growth experience on the "Echo Corner"- a platform to closely connect people. At the end of ceremony, OED Technologies invited more organization and individuals to "Novus Alliance". Further the program plans to track data of the receiving schools and kids, and constantly collect feedback from them to understand their obstacles and further needs. These tracks shall help future enhancement to the program, for example ebook library content.

"Novus" cares about the eye protection as well as the education needed in poor region. During the ceremony, Guangdong Provincial Eye Protection Association talked about the current challenges, especially for kids in poor region. These kids are often trapped physically under limited light environment and mentally lack of books. Through this program, a new way of assisting kids is explored by setting up eye protection data base from kids in poor region.

The Chairman of the World Scout Foundation, Mr. Lars Kolind say, it is a historical event. A program that will completely change the lives of poor children in the whole world is born at this moment. I am confident it will be extremely successful. The kick-off ceremony is just a beginning of long term sustainable charity activities of "Novus". Dr. Yu Chen welcomes participation from all organizations or individuals who have a deep emotion in heart to make a change to the life of poor kids. OED is providing e-readers now and a sharing platform "Echo Corner" soon in the future. "Novus" is in need of contents, especially books that fit for children, to enrich the "Knowledge Valley". A WeChat account ("心星计划") is accessible for people who likes to be part of "Novus" to light up the world.




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