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OED announces strategic cooperation with Yota Devices

Source:     Read count:4605     Posted:2015-10-19

Harbin, China, October 12, 2015 -- Guangzhou OED technologies, Co., Ltd. (OED) announced its


strategic partnership with Yota Devices on its joint development of products using OED's e-paper


technology, for the use of Yota devices’ second screen.  


"The winning of our IP lawsuits in Europe not only gave us confidence on the independence of our


intellectual properties, but also opened doors for our products internationally." Dr. Yu Chen, the


CEO of OED technologies said. Dr. Chen explained, that through its cooperation with Yota, OED is


planning to produce a conceptually new e-ink display, which will respond faster and better than any


other devices, as well as consume a minimum of energy.As CEO of Yota Devices Vlad Martynov


said, the growing demand on Yota Phone on international market made the company think over


changing over to a bigger manufacturer. "We are expanding our network of partners and it is


important to cooperate with the leaders of the given segment to produce the best product." He


announced that OED's e-paper displays will be used in YotaPhone3. As he explained further, it is


important to grow and walk in with the right pace of the consumer and market demand.


About OED Technologies


Located in Guangzhou Nansha free trade zone, OED Technologies is a leader in the research,


development and   manufacture of electronic paper displays.  Based on 152 patents for its O-paper


technology, OED’s Microencapsulated Electrophoretic Displays provide readers with comfortable


readability, ultra-low power consumption, flexibility in shape and size and durability for long time


operation. Founded in 2008, OED Technologies is a fast-growing company with a  registered capital


of $10M and the total investment of $46M.  OED is one of the two EPD manufacturers in the world


and the only EPD manufacturer in China.


Company website:


About Yota Devices


Yota Devices – developer of YotaPhone, the world's first smartphone with two screens, one of which


 is always on. Yota Devices - an international company with offices in Europe, Asia, United Arab


Emirates, Canada. The company's headquarters is located in Moscow. The main activity of Yota


Devices are the development and production of high-LTE-user equipment (smartphones, modems,


 routers). Since its inception, the company sold more than 4 million communication devices for


networks 4G LTE. The company has leading developers of components and software from Russia


and China.


Company website:



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